Post delivery quality issues

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Post delivery quality issues

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:08 pm

Notwithstanding its German birth origin, I had three minor issues post delivery

- excessive wind noise above 90kmh from drivers door area and exterior noise intruding into the cabin - realigned the doors

- tok tok noise from the steering wheel when turning - lubricated the column

- the laminate film or stone guard on front passenger door started bubbling, to which euromobil disclaimed warranty for being an external component.  I gave them a piece of my mind for the obvious workman defect where it wasn't installed properly.  After demanding to see the manager, they say they will order that piece of film for me.  

- rechecked wheel alignment

Euromobil service really sucks.  For the 3 minor issues above, I had to leave the car there for 4 days without an offer of a courtesy car.

When Audi Singapore called to check on my buying experience, I in turn gave them hell of a rating, literally.


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