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A6H vs 520D

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A6H vs 520D  Empty Re: A6H vs 520D

Post by jan999 Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:12 am

frankly, driving E segement car for sales kind of travelling... i will not advice. unless this is the smallest car in your garage.

i not saying that D segement car shouldnt be a sales travelling car. just that the time and of coz money eventually will wear u out.

lets take it u dont mind paying for the service fee for Audi or BMW, which majority here wont mind at all.

but the down time servicing the car, sometimes waiting for parts etc, the sophisticated technology of the car delay, al these things are somthing that money cant help anymore.

my take is, if u want resale value, then go 520D, but provided u can tahan:

i) loud engine noise
ii) not as impressive materials being used in the car
iii) spec lower than A6h

as for A6h, not perfect of coz, which i can point out:

i) noise insulation not as good as E class but personally i think on par or slightly better than 5 series (compating 520i, not D)
ii) frnt wheel drive definitely not a better option than rear wheel drive
iii) lousy resale value.
iv) only few Service centres in Malaysia

for me, if i dont mind low resale value, i will go for A6h.

somehow, a 2012 manufactured 520D also wont help u when u trying to sell.


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A6H vs 520D  Empty A6H vs 520D

Post by seantan Sun Jul 12, 2015 6:56 pm

Hi guys, I'm in this great dilemme (greater than most of you back in 2013 when you guys are considering 5-series or A6H (obviously A6H was the winner back then mainly due to new technology, green and being a hybrid, most importantly the RM70k tax savings compared to 5-series.

Now I'm choosing between BMW 520D (late 2012 Manufactured, 2013 Registered, done 50k milege, BRSI Warranty till 2016) and this A6H pre-owned (owned by old uncle, bought 2013, done 20k milege, warranty till 2017 March)). Both are asking around the same price (210k). Because of the same price, I'm in a great dilemma now and need your advice..

Something about myself:
80% Town 20% off town.
I like Fuel Efficiency thats why I consider Diesel and Hybrid. But after my research, 520D RM1=8km, A6H RM1=4km. In terms of fuel efficient, 520D double the efficiency.
I'm a sales person, I travel around 500km per week.
I'm 27 this year (maybe someone will tell me A6H is more for middle aged?)

I have tried 520D, havent tried A6H. I believe I will be impressed by both cars anyway as upgrading from Ford.

One last thing I need to find out is the maintenance of both of the cars. From what I know A6H each time maintenance RM800+. For 520D, dont know how much, but one thing I concern about is the diesel filter which the SA told me needs changing every 15k milege, cost around RM8k to replace?? Anyone can add to my research? Thanks


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